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Follow this link to sign up for a BNDfC website member account and subscribe for email updates about site content.
Follow this link to log-in and modify your preferences.

By signing up for a member account, you can subscribe to the BNDfC website email newsletter and keep up to date with what is new on the website.

The registration process has two stages:

  1. Register an account with the website.

  2. Set your personal preferences about the type of items you want information about.

Registering an account

Enter your email address in the sign-up form. You will receive an email about your request to register. This is to prevent anybody else registering your email address without your knowledge.

The email contains a web link which you must follow to continue the registration process. If you do not do this within one week you will have to start the registration process again.

When you follow the link you will be asked for your details. Once completed, you will be sent a second email which will confirm you have been registered. This email also contains your account details so please keep it securely. If at any time you forget these details you can ask for a reminder message to be sent.

Setting your preferences

The email sent to confirm your account has been set up contains a link to the page for setting your account preferences. Your choices will be used to send email newsletters about the areas you are interested in. If you do not set any preferences, you will not receive any email newsletters.

Please consider your preferences carefully, as it will determine what information you are alerted to on the site. Setting your preferences is done in three stages:

  1. Newsletter Preferences: Choose whether you want to receive a daily, weekly and/or monthly newsletter.

  2. Language Preferences: Some content on the website is added in different languages. In this section, select the language or languages you understand. If you do not select a language, you will not receive any email updates, so please choose at least one.

  3. Audience Preferences: Choose the categories you are interested in. Every item added to the site is given a category. You can select as many categories as you wish, but you should choose at least one. The email alerts you receive will only contain items that match your interests. If you choose none, you will recieve no emails.

When you have made you choices, click on the ‘save changes’ button.

We believe the real value of this site will be realised if you are receiving alerts that are relevant to you. You will be in control of this, and we would suggest that you review your preferences periodically.

To change your preferences at any time, log-in and then follow the preferences link on the homepage. New preferences may be added in the future.

Logging in

You can log in to change your preferences at any time by:

  • following the log-in links on this page.

  • following the links provided in the email alerts you receive.

You can also manually type into your browser then follow the ‘account preferences’ link that appears in the left side navigation. This appears on almost every page on the website when you are logged in.

If it any time you forget your user name or password, you can request a reminder at:

Follow this link to sign up for a BNDfC website member account and subscribe for email updates about site content.
Follow this link to log-in to the BNDfC website and modify your preferences.

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