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Welcome to the BNDfC website, this is an unusual posting as it may well be the last posting on this site. As regular visitors to the site will note the Company is ceasing to trade at the end of the New Deal Programme on 31st March 2011. This has been a very difficult decision for the Partnership Board to make but it is one which they believe is best for the Community in Burngreave and also for the occupiers and users of Sorby House.

The Company will still be around probably until Mid-2011 but will have no role in the operation of the Assets and in reality will just be finalising its affairs although the Partnership Board will still be a voice in Burngreave.

The buildings have a brighter future as they will be transferred to Sheffield City Council, although even at this late stage details are not finalised the way forward is that:

Vestry Hall will be operated by the Community Buildings Team of Sheffield City Council

Sorby House will be managed by Kier Asset Partnerships for Sheffield City Council

The Partnership Board have secured the caveats posted previously on this site from Sheffield City Council and are confident in the buildings providing the wide range of opportunities into the future to aid the community.

On a positive note, steel is at last appearing on the new Tesco with an anticipated date of opening November 2011 which is a positive step forward for the area and the benefits that it will bring are long overdue to Burngreave, the improvements that are part of this development will also improve the local environment and make Burngreave a better place to live.

On a positive note we are continuing to secure new occupiers for Sorby House and have over the past month seen a few of our tenants increase their occupancy and level of service within the building and we are able to welcome two new businesses to the Sorby House Community.

Vestry Hall is still very busy with the daily activities from Sheffield College and Launchpad making the building a very busy place, we are though still able to accommodate more users in the building!!

The more observant amongst you will have noticed activity at Forum House, unfortunately we have not sold the building but have secured another short term letting allowing a local production company to complete a project allied to a popular TV series.

The end of the programme will mean that I will not be writing these posts after 31 March 2011, but I have enjoyed my time working in Burngreave and will continue to visit the area in the future to see the many friends I have made in the last 20 months.

Jeremy Diskin Executive Asset manager

UPDATE: The final evaluation of the 10-year programme has been completed. Click on the link below to see the report.

Final evaluation of BNDfC Programme.