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Exterior Sorby House
Exterior Sorby House

What is Burngreave New Deal for Communities?

Burngreave New Deal for Communities (BNDfC) is a government funded organisation that is helping to regenerate the Burngreave area. £52 million was awarded to Burngreave by the Department for Communities and Local Governments' Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy, to be spent on the regeneration of the area over a ten year period from 2001 to 2011.

BNDfC funds and supports plans that bring together local people, community and voluntary sector organisations, public agencies, local authorities and business to tackle problems in Burngreave and make a long-lasting improvement to the development of the area.

BNDfC is aiming to:

  • Make Burngreave a popular place to live

  • Increase educational achievement

  • Build a healthier community

  • Make Burngreave a safer place to live

  • Make Burngreave a cleaner and greener place to live

  • Raise household income

  • Build a stronger community

Our priority is to work with the residents of Burngreave to improve their neighbourhood and the services they receive. Local people are involved in everything we do and every decision we make. Residents are involved through the Priority Areas, the Partnership Board, consultations and local projects.

Vestry Exterior
Vestry Exterior
How we deliver the programme
Details of how BNDfC delivers the Regeneration Programme.
The Team
BNDfC is made up of committed groups of people who work towards the regeneration of the Burngreave Area.
Key Partners
In order to deliver the programme effectively, we work closely with other organisations.
Information such as past delivery plans, minutes of meetings and old key documents
About Our Website
Information about bndfc.co.uk, the official website for Burngreave New Deal for Communities.
Archived news from New Deal.
Business & Enterprise Support
We believe that promoting a successful business community is essential to the regeneration of Burngreave.
Get Involved
How to get involved in BNDfC

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