How we deliver the programme

A BNDfC workshop.
A BNDfC workshop.

The BNDfC programme is delivered through a Partnership Board, which directs the work of Burngreave New Deal for Communities. The Board is responsible for setting the New Deal strategy and objectives with the Executive Management Team.

The regeneration programme was originally divided into four Priority Areas, which concentrated on separate issues effecting Burngreave. Through consultation with residents and professional and public organisations, strategies for the funding and support of projects was formulated and, depending on the amount of funding needed, presented to the Partnership Board, who then allocated funding and approved decisions.

Communication and Community Engagement
Key to the regeneration effort is informing local residents and organisations and involving them in our work.
Advancing Together With Sheffield City Council
"Advancing Together" is an agreement between BNDfC and Sheffield City Council which ensures that we work in partnership to effectively deliver a coordinated regeneration effort.
Key Documents
Downloads of key documents, including BNDfC Delivery Plans that outline BNDfC's regeneration strategy in detail.
Priority Areas
A page detailing the priority areas of the Burngreave New Deal for Communities

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