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Ellesmere Green Shops
Ellesmere Green Shops

The Ward of Burngreave is an area in Sheffield which is home to about 19,700 people, 3.7% of the city's population. It is located immediately to the north of the city centre covering an area stretching from the river Don in the south up to the top of the Northern General Hospital.

The area is predominantly residential, with a wide range of housing which reflects its diverse history, as well as significant areas of industry.

Burngreave is a diverse area with large Pakistani, Yemini, African and Afro Caribbean populations. The area's broad ethnic make-up has given Burngreave a vibrant and culturally rich character. The wide variety of restaurants and shops around Spital Hill sell food and goods from around the world. Whilst the many venues and community centres play host to a range of community events.

Burngreave Run
Burngreave Run

Like many inner city areas Burngreave has, however, over the past few decades been an area in need of redevelopement and investment. Economic deprivation and a range of social issues are reflected in the fact that Burngreave is ranked in the top 1% most deprived wards in the UK.

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