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Burngreave People

Burngreave today is an area of growth and development. Despite its disadvantaged recent history both economically and socially, Burngreave is evolving and improving. Through the work of the Burngreave Community, BNDfC, Sheffield City Council and our Partner organisations, the area is becoming an place of opportunity and Pride.

  • Since 2001, unemployment has fallen from by 2.7% to 5.1% overall, a figure BNDfC hopes to help reduce to the city Average (4.2%) by 2011.

  • The percentage of derelict, vacant housing in Burngreave has been reduced by 12.7% since 2001, with it now being within 0.25% of the city average.

  • The number of Burngreave who say they are satisfied with the area has increased by 9% since 2001 to 39%, BNDfC aims to help this figure reach 60% by 2011.

  • Since 2001 street crime in Burngreave has fallen by 40%.

Burngreave is moving forward, BNDfC believes that Burngreave should be a prosperous, safe and inclusive area with a good physical environment and sustainable economic developement. BNDfC aims to work in partnership with the Community, Sheffield City Council and our Key Partner Organisations to help make this belief a reality by 2011.

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