• [+] Burngreave New Deal for Communities

    Homepage for Burngreave New Deal for Communities (BNDfC), a government funded community regeneration programme to help regenerate the Burngreave area of Sheffield, supporting plans that bring together local people, community and voluntary sector organisations, public agencies, local authorities and business to make long lasting improvements.

    • [+] About BNDfC

      Details of the BNDfC organisation and how it is helping to regenerate the Burngreave area.

      • [+] The Team

        BNDfC is made up of committed groups of people who work towards the regeneration of the Burngreave Area.

      • [+] Key Partners

        In order to deliver the programme effectively, we work closely with other organisations.

      • [] Archive

        Information such as past delivery plans, minutes of meetings and old key documents

        • [+] Minutes from meetings

          Index of ‘quick links’ to downloads of minutes from all past Priority Area meetings, Implementation Group meetings, Theme Group Meetings, Partnership Board meetings and Business Support meetings.

        • [+] Old Key Documents

          Past Key Documents available to download. These documents have been placed in the Archive because they are no longer current, anyone seeking current Key Documents should go to the Key Documents section of this site.

        • [+] Partnership Board

          Documents about the Partnership Board or that is of relevance to Partnership Board members.

        • [+] Theme Group Archive

          Previous to the 28th of September, the BNDfC organisational structure was different. Instead of dividing the regeneration programme into four Priority Areas, it was organised using seven “Theme Groups” these were roughly similar to the Priority Areas, though narrower in focus. This section contains the now redundent “Theme Groups” section of the site which was removed form the main structure of the webite as of 28.09.06.

        • [+] Schools

          Information regarding schools in the Burngreave area.

        • [+] Other Information

          Any other information that is of relevance but is not covered by the above sections.

        • [+] Information Shop

          Details of events and services available at the BNDfC Information Shop.

        • [] Firvale Festival 2007

          Family festival held on the Fir Val school grounds on Sept 9th, 1 – 5:30pm

      • [+] About Our Website

        Information about, the official website for Burngreave New Deal for Communities.

      • [+] News

        Archived news from New Deal.